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Written By: Marileta Robinson
Pezenas Artist studio - CopyI am a children's writer and former editor with Highlights for Children and High Five. I continue to write and edit for children and write a monthly feature in High Five, "The Adventures of Spot." My poems and stories appear in Highlights, High Five, and Hello, among other publications. I also do freelance work for educational publishers. Here is a portfolio of my freelance work. This year I competed in the 2013 March Madness Poetry Tournament. It was indeed madness—each ‘authlete’ had 36 hours to compose a children’s poem using an assigned word. And if you won your bracket—you got to do it all over again! I made it to the 4th round, where my poem was defeated by Cheryl Lawton Malone’s very clever rap poem “Yo! Out there!” The experience inspired me to share my poems in a blog for kids, parents,  teachers, and writers. Here is a collection of my published and unpublished poems. Some of the poems have been illustrated by my talented artist son, Ben Robinson. Thanks, Ben! I have added a few words about how I came to write each poem. The words in CAPITAL LETTERS refer to techniques you might want to try in your own poems. There is also a button to allow you to hear the poem read by the author (me), as recorded in a real New York recording studio by my talented sound designer son, Ted Robinson. My talented techie son, John Robinson, helped me design this web site. Please enjoy!


  1. Marileta- I love your poems! What fun that you are sharing them for all of us to enjoy. I can’t wait to read more!

  2. Marileta Robinson says:

    Thank you, Wendi. How good to hear from you!

  3. Karyn says:

    I just saw your name on this year’s list! Great to meet you and to be introduced to your work. So excited to see your poetry at MMPoetry 2014!

  4. Malea says:

    Love your poems cousin! Also love the drawings by Ben!

  5. Hello Marileta,
    I am an elementary reading teacher in New York. We have one of your titles in our LLI (Heinemann)program. In working with my students, I have found that the kids love Jackson Tyler, Private Eye. The idea of a boy who finds a ‘how to’ book and tries to follow its advice with hilarious results, was wonderful. I wanted to know if this character is part of a “Jackson Tyler” series or a stand alone text? I know myself and my students would love to read more funny situations involving Jackson.
    Matthew Halversen, Lindenhurst, New York

    • Marileta Robinson says:

      Hi, Matthew. I’m happy to hear your kids enjoy the book! Jackson is not part of a series, unfortunately, but I’ll pass your comment along to my editor. Who know what may happen?

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