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Camels and Unicorns

What rhymes with “caravan”? This poem provides one answer to that question–you can probably think of lots more. It’s also an example of COMPARISON. Animals tend to live in different places because of their habits–or maybe it’s the other way around. How would you compare a rabbit and a monkey? A snake and a lion?

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Stormy Weather

This poem is more or less a SNAPSHOT of what I was seeing out my window one afternoon, with a little IMAGINATION thrown in. As always, I used hard-working VERBS–sweeping, blowing, and dancing, to get the picture across.¬†What can you see out your window? How can you use your imagination to go beyond what your […]

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Have you ever watched kittens play? They are more verb than noun, until they suddenly collapse, their energy spent–for the moment. In this poem I used ACTIVE VERBS, with SHORT LINES to emphasize the rapid movement of the whirligig kittens. What verbs and what kind of lines would you use to describe a snake? A […]

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Grandma’s Pickles

Can you taste the pickles? I wanted to SHOW how hot they were by describing the person’s physical reactions–scrunched nose, flapping eyelids, curling toes, red ears, and perspiration. How could you show by someone’s reactions that the water in a swimming pool is cold? That an icy sidewalk is slippery? I hope you will have […]

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