Marileta Robinson

A Spider

Written By: Marileta Robinson - Dec• 11•13
I've never been one to kill spiders. It may have something to do with reading Charlotte's Web. My attitude toward spiders in my house is "live and let live," especially since they catch other bugs that might be less welcome. But my tolerance has its limits. I used  EXAGGERATION to imagine what animals I wouldn't be so happy finding in my house. It's also an example of CONTRAST--the poem suggests that it would be quite another thing to find a bear behind your door. Suppose you were writing about a flea--what animal would be even worse riding on your dog's back?  I like the rhyme scheme that appeared:  aa bb bb aa. It has a nice symmetry to it. spider final copy  

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  1. Neal Levin says:

    Great poems, Marileta! I like Ben’s drawings too.

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