Marileta Robinson

Antoine the Anteater

Written By: Marileta Robinson - Nov• 14•13
This poem began because I had a feeling that I wanted to write about ants, and took notes as ideas and pictures appeared in my head. "Vacuum cleaner" led to "hose of a nose." Sometimes rhymes suggest ideas, too.  "Post mortem" led to "snort 'em."  I was happy with my PORTRAIT of an anteater, one of my favorite animals. What's your favorite animal? Can you capture it in a poem? Antoine the Anteater final    

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  1. Patricia Clark says:

    “That hose of a nose/slurps up ants as it goes.” I LOVE it!

    What a delightful poem! I’ve been focusing this year on writing for the very young (Hello, Babybug, High Five), and I’m trying to stay in a silly, quirky frame of mind when I write. Will “Antoine” be published in High Five? I hope so…I can just see the illustrations!

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  3. Donna Smith says:

    Cute! Love the “hose of a nose”! I had a nose-y poem today, too.

  4. Joy Acey says:

    I like anteaters too.
    Here is my response to your poetry challenge.

    A guinea pig
    is not very big
    to whistle and whine
    and eat all the time.
    A furry puff ball
    with a wiggly nose
    it scurries about
    on clickety toes.

    Have a great holiday.

  5. Totally delightful. Antoine’s mother must be so proud!

  6. Julie Larios says:

    I love the post portem / snort ’em rhyme – that’s hilarious! Well done, Marileta.

  7. Diane Mayr says:

    Here’s my favorite line, “With no pause for pity.” Love those popping “P” sounds. My favorite animal is the CAT, I could probably bury myself under all the cat haiku I’ve written over the years. I’ll have to find another animal I’m minimally fond of. (Smudge and Skippy made sure I phrased it that way!)

  8. Marileta Robinson says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your cockle-warming comments!

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