Marileta Robinson

Grandma’s Pickles

Written By: Marileta Robinson - Oct• 01•13
Can you taste the pickles? I wanted to SHOW how hot they were by describing the person's physical reactions--scrunched nose, flapping eyelids, curling toes, red ears, and perspiration. How could you show by someone's reactions that the water in a swimming pool is cold? That an icy sidewalk is slippery? I hope you will have fun saying the last line--I did. Grandma's Pickles final Click on the arrow to hear the poem read by the author.      

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  1. Liz Peterson says:

    Lucy and I love this poem! And she is practicing puckering her lips!!!

  2. Thanks, Marileta! Congrats on the new blog and your perfectly puckered poem!

    FATHER GOOSE website

  3. B.J. Lee says:

    So cute and just perfect, Marietta! Really nice job on this one! I’m not posting today, just visiting. Good luck with your blog! I’m sure it will be a huge success!

  4. jama says:

    Hello, Brand New Blog, and Welcome to Poetry Friday, Marileta!

    My lips are puckering and my mouth is watering at your pickle poem. Bread and butter pickles for me, please.

    I still remember sitting next to you at lunch at an SCBWI Conference many moons ago. 🙂

  5. Happy New Blogday, Marileta. Love that puckering pickle poem.

  6. Kathy Doherty says:

    Too cute for words!

  7. Brilliant. Love it. Thank you for starting this blog.

  8. I can just feel those pickles! It was so nice to meet you recently at the Barn, Marileta, and I look forward to following your blog.

  9. Welcome, Marileta! This is fabulous. And illustrated and everything–wow. I love the flapping eyelids and that last line. Can you tell me what tool you used to do your audio recording? I’d like to start this and am trying a few different programs but am kind of lost. Thanks!

  10. Welcome to the Blogosphere and to Poetry Friday! I had the best pickles just last night…but these were sweet with a hint of horseradish-hot! YUM!

  11. A laugh-out-loud fun way to launch your blog! Welcome to Poetry Friday Marileta! Those pickles sound addictive!

  12. Welcome to you and your new blog, Marileta! I remember this poem well from when I first read it in Highlights magazine. So fun. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more in the upcoming weeks!

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