Marileta Robinson

The Tub

For this poem, I used another poem as a MODEL: “Rub-a-dub-dub, Three Men in a Tub.” Then I gave it my own humorous twist. Pick a short, familiar poem. Use it as a model to write a poem of your own.

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As you might imagine, almost all of these poems are based on real-life observations. Writing a poem is a good way to deal with overwhelming experiences, and I was clearly overwhelmed by this insectivorous invasion. REPETITION is a good tool to use for emphasis; note the repetition of “bugs, bugs,” and “they’ve come, they’ve come, […]

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This poem serves up a helping of EXAGGERATION to create a tall tale, a story that bends the truth in a humorous way. Ben didn’t really sit there for a whole year and grow cobwebs when he refused to eat his squash. But it seemed like it to him–and to his mother. Can you use […]

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