Marileta Robinson


Written By: Marileta Robinson - Dec• 11•13
The TITLE plays an important part in your poem. It can catch the reader's eye and make him or her decide to read your poem. It can also help get across the point of the poem. With so few words to work with, the title can be important real estate. So don't just slap a title on your poem--give it some thought and make it work for you. "Unendangered" refers to the fact that many animals on our planet are endangered--whole species could disappear if they aren't protected. Ants seem to be pretty safe for the moment. So this poem is TOPICAL--it deals (in a humorous way) with an issue that people are thinking about. What issues interest you? See if any of them inspire an idea for a poem. PS. Don't you love that line of ants that Ben drew? unendangered

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