Marileta Robinson


Written By: Marileta Robinson - Oct• 18•13
Have you ever watched kittens play? They are more verb than noun, until they suddenly collapse, their energy spent--for the moment. In this poem I used ACTIVE VERBS, with SHORT LINES to emphasize the rapid movement of the whirligig kittens. What verbs and what kind of lines would you use to describe a snake? A sloth? A kangaroo? PS. My son Ben is my illustrator. Thanks, Ben! whew final copy

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  1. christine san jose says:

    Lots of fun! So glad to have found your spot! Congratulations. – And listen for BUGGY coming shortly to your public radio!

  2. Donna Smith says:

    Loved the short, clipped lines – active like those kittens! And suddenly, they drop – dead-to-the-world asleep!

  3. Ruth says:

    “More verb than noun.” Yes!

  4. Cathy says:

    Marileta, you have captured the energy of a kitten in your delightful poems. I love the language you use to help us to feel just like we are watching the kitten’s busy day.


  5. B.J. Lee says:

    Love it! You captured it perfectly: Cats are busy until they’re not!

  6. I also loved your description of kittens being “more verb than noun.” You and your son make a good team. 🙂

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